Like vibrant flowers blooming in springtime, women bring to life a myriad of colors and delicate fragrances. On the occasion of International Women's Day 8/3, Glotrans would like to send our warmest greetings to all women.

As half of the world, women play a crucial role in both families and society. They are the loving mothers, dedicated wives, dutiful daughters, and gentle sisters who always nurture love and make silent sacrifices. They are also talented entrepreneurs, passionate scientists, and gifted artists, contributing to the creation of beautiful values in life.

International Women's Day 8/3 is an opportunity for us to celebrate the tremendous contributions of women, while expressing our gratitude and appreciation for the women we love. Glotrans always values the role of women and admires their talent, enthusiasm, and dedication in every organization and in society.

On this special day, Glotrans wishes all women good health, always brimming with energy and vitality; complete happiness in their families, being loved and cherished; remarkable success in their careers, achieving many accomplishments and asserting themselves; eternal beauty, radiance, and confidence to shine with their own unique charm.

May the half of the world always be happy, peaceful, and loved!


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Glotrans would like to sincerely thank our valued customers and partners for your trust and support in using our services throughout the past year.

Glotrans Sporting Football Club: Competing in the HUTECH Alumni & Business Leaders Football Tournament 2024!

In the morning of April 6th, Glotrans HCM enthusiastically participated in the opening ceremony of the HUTECH Alumni & Business Leaders Football Tournament 2024, marking the beginning of a spirited and united sport journey.

Glotrans is proud to receive IATA Cargo Agent Certification (IATA number 37303520004)

This is an important milestone marking Glotrans's strong development in the field of air transport, while also affirming its position. Glotrans is a reputable and professional logistics service provider