The exhibition consists of 5 exhibition areas: Fire prevention, rescue, and rescue; industrial security, safety, monitoring equipment, protection; electricity, safety automation for works, buildings, solutions for automation systems; exhibition area of technology, techniques, equipment and supporting tools.

The exhibition is a practical and meaningful activity, an opportunity for domestic and foreign production and business units to exchange information, share experiences, and learn about the market. At the same time, create conditions for state management agencies in the field of security, safety, fire prevention and fighting...

Glotrans Hanoi has been deploying and strongly developing Logistics services with this industry, Glotrans Hanoi is confident to bring the best services to Glotrans's customers.

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Opportunity to expand the wooden products market in the UK

The UK's main imported wooden furniture products include living room furniture, dining room furniture, wooden frame chairs and bedroom furniture - items in which Vietnam is stron

New Regulations for Handling IMDG Containers at Cat Lai Port from July 1, 2024

In line with the policy of relocating the handling of IMDG (International Maritime Dangerous Goods) containers out of Cat Lai Port (TCCL) to ensure safety and fire prevention for the port and the surrounding areas, TCSG will implement new regulations for IMDG container handling at TCCL starting from July 1, 2024.

Exported goods will grow strongly in the first 5 months of 2024

As of May, total import-export turnover of goods reached 66.62 billion USD, up 9.1% over the previous month and up 22.6% over the same period last year.

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Glotrans made a good impression at South Central - Central Highlands Business Event 2024

Glotrans successfully participated and made a good impression at the South Central - Central Highlands Trade Promotion and Business Connection Program 2024, which took place from May 23 to May 24, 2024, at Quinter Central Hotel (Nha Trang City).