Since the Vietnam Education Union decided to take November 20, 1958 as the "International Teachers' Day", up to now, Vietnam Teachers' Day on November 20 has had a tradition of 63 years.

It has long been considered a "religious teacher's" holiday to honor teachers, who have stood on the podium daily imparting valuable knowledge and ways of life to become useful people to society. generation of students. And it is also an opportunity for generations of students to send their gratitude to those who "months and years still do not stop steering the boat". Whether they are still at school age, or have grown up leaving school, every Vietnamese always looks forward to November 20, which is the tradition of studiousness, respect for the good religion of our Vietnam.

On the occasion of Vietnamese Teachers' Day, Glotrans would like to send to all teachers the deepest affection and respect, wishing them good health, steady rowers and success in their career of growing people.

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