International transport and logistics market Week 31/2023

Update on container shipping and international logistics markets on Asia, Europe and North America routes in Week 31/2023.

1. Shipping route: Asia - North America (Asia - North America)

Freight rates (Ocean Freight) from Asia to North America West Coast week 31/2023 continued to increase sharply to  $1,959 /FEU, up 7.05% from last week and up 34.82% from last month, according to Xeneta data.

2. Shipping route: Asia - Europe (Asia - Europe)

Freight rates from Asia to Northern Europe in the week of 31/2023 spiked to  $1,743 /FEU, up  46.84% from last week and up  44.41% from last month, according to Xeneta data.

3. Shipping route: North America - Asia (Northern America - Asia)

Freight rates from North America (West Coast) to Asia in the week of 31/2023 decreased slightly 1.06% compared to the previous week to 844 USD/FEU. This price decreased by  0.35% compared to the previous month.

4. Shipping route: Northern Europe - Asia (Northern Europe - Asia)

Freight rates from Northern Europe to Asia in the week of 31/2023 decreased slightly by 1.29% compared to the previous week, to 383 USD/FEU. This price decreased by 2.54% compared to the previous month.

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