Solutions to Promote Rice and Vegetable Exports at the End of 2024

On May 28, at the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Minister Nguyễn Hồng Diên and Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Lê Minh Hoan co-chaired a meeting to discuss solutions to promote the production and export of rice and vegetables at the end of 2024. Representatives from the Ministry of Home Affairs, various associations, and related units attended the meeting.

Despite global fluctuations, Vietnam's rice and vegetable exports have seen strong growth due to timely government directives and coordination between ministries. In the first four months of 2024, rice exports increased by 9.5% in volume and 33.6% in value; vegetable exports rose by 38.1%.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade and other ministries have implemented several solutions such as negotiating tariff reductions, raising awareness about FTAs, promoting trade, and supporting businesses in leveraging FTA opportunities to expand export markets. Vietnamese trade missions abroad have also played a crucial role in providing market information and policy updates.

Identifying Challenges and Solutions

Delegates discussed and identified challenges in the production and export of rice and vegetables, proposing solutions and determining market needs. Minister Lê Minh Hoan emphasized the importance of collaboration among businesses and the role of industry associations.

Maximizing Market Potential

Global demand for rice and vegetables is expected to increase due to supply chain disruptions and higher product quality standards. Industry associations need to educate and support businesses in accessing information and utilizing FTA benefits while guiding them to restructure production and management toward green and clean practices.

Close Coordination Among Ministries

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development will continue to restructure the rice, grain, and vegetable sectors, developing production standards and product quality. The Ministry of Industry and Trade will support businesses in trade promotion, brand development, market access negotiations, and addressing technical barriers. The Ministry of Home Affairs will guide associations to improve their charters and operational regulations.

Supporting Businesses and Tight Supervision

Ministries need to enhance supervision, production monitoring, and violation handling to protect national brands and ensure food security. The Ministry of Industry and Trade will continue administrative reforms, modernize the issuance of certificates of origin, and combat unreasonable technical trade barriers.

The meeting unified multiple solutions to promote rice and vegetable exports, ensuring sustainable production and export, and enhancing the competitiveness and value of Vietnamese products in the global market.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade

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