Glotrans - Member of WCA ( World Cargo Alliance )

Bringing in the desire to reach the international level, Glotrans constantly strengthens the building of cooperation relationships with partners around the globe in many different ways. In which, it is impossible not to mention joining the world's leading organizations in transportation, especially becoming a member of WCA.

With more than 11,689 member offices in 195 countries around the world, the WCA Association is the world's largest and strongest independent freight forwarding network. The combined logistical strength of WCA membership exceeds even those of the world's largest multinational freight forwarders.

Over the past 20 years, the WCA Association has continuously strived to add new, innovative and high-value benefits to its members. This unique formula, combined with a dedication to excellence, has enabled WCA to set new standards in the industry. Every member of the WCA Association is also automatically protected by the most generous and extensive financial protection program in the industry, allowing your company to do business with other WCA members with peace of mind and absolute safety.

As a company operating in the field of international transportation, Glotrans always wishes to connect and work closely with logistics partners around the world and bring the Glotrans brand closer to customers. By becoming a member of the WCA Association in 2012 with ID: 59535, Glotrans has affirmed itself as one of the leading logistics companies of scale and prestige in Vietnam. Currently, all the branch offices of the Glotrans system join the WCA association as full members. Each office is entitled to and protected by the financial policies of the WCA Association with the following registration numbers: Glotrans Hai Phong WCA with ID: 59535, Glotrans Da Nang with ID: 105079, Glotrans Hanoi with ID: 134520, Glotrans Ho Chi Minh with ID: 106383  and Glotrans Quy Nhon with ID: 134521.

In order to meet the strict standards of the largest transport associations in the world, Glotrans must go through a selection process, reviewing applications for membership with the geographical and financial conditions of the association. Therefore, when becoming a member of WCA, Glotrans has proven its prestige and position in the logistics market, making it easy for Glotrans to connect with logistics companies around the world as well as opening up opportunities for cooperation. new partners in their business activities.

Along with being a member of WCA, Glotrans has the right to choose reputable and professional partners to cooperate in providing logistics services to customers, ensuring goods safety, goods are delivered on schedule. . Moreover, with WCA's financial guarantee policy, Glotrans and all partners have a reliable cooperation platform to perform cargo services for customers.

As an active member in the activities of the WCA Association, customers can fully trust in the high quality of services at Glotrans along with preferential policies for customers.

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